Quality Policy

In order to provide the highest quality services to our customers, it is the quality policy of AME to establish plan and maintain and efficient quality program throughout all of its services. All relevant standards and specifications are identified including process of control activities, which are monitored to ensure the services provided perform their intended function.

Policy: In order to achieve the objective it is the policy of AME to establish, plan and maintain an efficient Quality program, planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions.

The assurance of Quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by AME and is practised by all personnel in their daily activities. Quality is enhanced by working in a systematic method of formalized procedures designated to eliminate the occurrence deficiencies.

To promote uniformity of working methods throughout, procedures fundamental to AME shall be implemented at all times without unauthorised deviation. AME Quality Assurance function shall be so organized as to be free from commercial and contractual restraints. It shall be operate without let or hindrance from production departments and shall represent AME on all matters relating to Quality/Assurance.