Rental and Lease Vehicles and Equipments

 AME has been setting the performance standard for complete Industrial Equipment solutions. Among the extensive sector of Industry, we supply rental equipment to industrial sector. At AME, we have one of the largest, best maintained fleets of rental equipment. Our expert and dedicated staff goes out of their way to make your job easier, from helping you choose the right tool for the job to ensuring that you get it on time. We are maintaining round the clock stand by work force for maintenance of our equipment.

Our Range of Equipment’s Includes…..

  Serial Number Equipment Capacity  
  1 8 Pack Welding Machine  64KVA  
  2 Air Compressor 200CFM  
  3 Air Compressor 250CFM  
  4 Air Compressor 300CFM  
  5 Air Compressor 375CFM  
  6 Air Compressor 600CFM  
  7 Air Compressor 750CFM  
  8 Arc Welding Machine  300AMP  
  9 Arc Welding Machine  400AMP  
  10 Asphalt Distributor 5M  
  11 Asphalt Finisher 3.0M  
  12 Back Hoe; 0.73M3  
  13 Back Hoe 1.2M3  
  14 Back Hoe 1.6M3  
  15 Bar Bending Machine 32MM  
  16 Bar Cutting Machine 32MM  
  17 Boring Machine J. S. P  
  18 Bulldozer   16.5TON  
  19 Bulldozer   19TON  
  20 Bulldozer   28TON  
  21 Cargo Truck       15Ton  
  22 Cargo Truck       5Ton  
  23 Cargo Truck       8Ton  
  24 Compact Roller   5Ton  
  25 Compactor     6Ton  
  26 Conc. Cutting Machine 32MM  
  27 Conc. Pump Car 65M3  
  28 Concrete Mixer  100Ton  
  29 Crawler Crane   160Ton  
  30 Crawler Crane   230Ton  
  31 Crawler Crane   30Ton & 50Ton  
  32 Crawler Crane   300Ton  
  33 Crawler Crane   350Ton  
  34 Crawler Crane   500Ton  
  35 Crawler Crane 800Ton  
  36 Dewatering Pump     6"  
  37 Diesel Hammer    2.2Ton  
  38 Dump Truck 15Ton  
  39 Dump Truck 20Ton  
  40 Dump Truck 30Ton  
  41 Engine Type Spray Machine  0.05M2  
  42 Electric Cutting Saw 16Inch.  
  43 Electric Winch 5Ton  
  44 Engine Vibrator    
  45 Engine Welding Machine 400AMP  
  46 Excavator with Jack Hammer 0.7M3